[event] American Impressionists Society Exhibition Sept. 28 – Oct 30, 2013 – Charleston, SC!

"Morning... Her Chilled Breath We Feel" by Kenn Backhaus [image]
“Morning… Her Chilled Breath We Feel” by Kenn Backhaus [image]
October and November are fabulous times of the year to visit Charleston. There is usually a lot going on in this art-loving city, but hang on to your hat… Tomorrow the American Impressionists Society (AIS) 14th Annual National Juried Exhibition begins! It’s being held at M GALLERY OF FINE ART  (soon to be renamed PRINCIPLE GALLERY) right here in beautiful Charleston, SC! This show runs from September 28 – October 30, 2013 at 125 Meeting Street. The AIS reception and awards presentation is October 3rd, from 5-8PM and a public reception will be held October 4th from 5-8PM in conjunction with the French Quarter Art Walk. This is one event you won’t want to miss!

Kenn Backhaus, AISM (American Impressionist Society Master) is the Judge of Awards and will be conducting a painting demonstration in the gallery Oct. 4. Personally, I can’t wait for that!

The list of artists who have been juried into this show is amazing. Eric Bowman, Roger Dale Brown, Gene Costanza, Chris GrovesShelby Keefe, Elizabeth Pollie, James Richards, Greg Summers

J U S T   T O   N A M E   A   F E W ! 

There will be demos, workshops, and receptions… Gather your friends and head to M Gallery! Like them on Facebook to keep up with the latest, or join their mailing list!

Here is the AIS SHOW GALLERY… just look at these paintings! It’s like a dream come true for this many wonderful paintings (and artists) to be in one city!

View the AIS prospectus, lots of great information!

A blip from a newsletter from M GALLERY OF FINE ART:

A few quick thoughts on American Impressionism and Contemporary Realism. As we unpack over 200(!) boxes containing the very best recent work in the genre, it occurred to us Impressionism IS the original Realism. All of these ‘isms’ aside, the thrust of the expression is on being true to the moment and leaving the viewer with an enduring mood or narrative- as does Contemporary Realism. This upcoming show celebrates the incredibly varied voices that differentiate American Impressionism from its more intellectual European counterpoint. During the rise, fall, and re-introduction of AI, American Impressionists were witness to familiar surroundings in rapid, dynamic transformation from agrarian to industrialized communities. The general malaise of wartime and the Depression led many an Impressionist to evoke a more nostalgic and familiar life. Rapid brushstrokes and dynamic color were two marked principles that contemporized the reassuring lines of a more pastoral life and expressed the inner life of the figure. M Gallery is honored to be hosting this multi-faceted show and support the enduring legacy of plein air and Contemporary American Impressionism.
– October 3rd 5-8pm we’ll be toasting the country’s very best Impressionists at M gallery     http://www.americanimpressionistsociety.org/s2013.html

Hope to see you there! Catch you back here tomorrow!


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