How to peel a hard boiled egg WITHOUT peeling… just blow it out of the shell!

How to peel hard boiled eggs - Matt Thompson NPR
How to peel hard-boiled eggs
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I simply cannot wait to try this! There was a great article from NPR about some everyday tasks that you might not be doing right… This is incredible! You know how when you hard boil an egg, some shells slip right off and others you can only get little tiny piece by little tiny piece, sometimes not leaving much of the egg… Well you’ve got to watch this video! Tim Ferriss shows how easy it is to remove the shells, they BLOW RIGHT OFF THE EGG. Watch and you’ll see!

A few words from Matt Thompson (NPR):

I prepared my breakfast of hard-boiled eggs a bit differently this morning. I added a teaspoon of baking soda to the boiling water. When the eggs were done, I cooled each one in ice water, then cracked both ends of the shell, held it in my fist and blew. Each time, the shell shook a bit and whistled, then out popped the egg, shell-less and delicious.

Get. Outta. Here! 

Update: I was researching more about Tim Ferriss (the guy that did the video) and he has a blog that this was featured on. His blog is an amazing resource, check it out if you get a chance!

F  L A S H B A C K

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Catch you back here tomorrow!

Image, video and link from NPR/Matt Thompson/Tim Ferriss!


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