Shirtini… a great new shop on King Street!


Shirtini - new shop on King Street, Charleston, SC
Shirtini – new shop on King Street, Charleston, SC

Whenever we have people visiting from out of town, we take them to galleries and the neat shops downtown. We always head to Old Road Mercantile, which is such a cool place… and now this shop… Shirtini located right next door. Owned by the same people (we spoke to Kevin and he is fabulous), this is one classy shop. Reminiscent of a Paris shop this has the best of the best. These gorgeous shirts, and I do mean gorgeous… tailored and special in every single way.


Just a quickly snapped photo (with permission) of just a few of the blouses they have to offer. I have my eye on a few of the longer ones to wear with leggings or slim fitting pants. How nice to look nice with one gorgeous piece of clothing!


The shop just opened, and the website is in the process of being finished, but check back, it’ll be up soon… If you’re in Charleston, SC be sure to stop by and say hello! It is one gorgeous store!

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