House Plan: Parrot Creek Cottage by Allison Ramsey Architects!

hp Parrot Creek Cottage ara
Parrot Creek Cottage (C0344) by Alison Ramsey Architects

I ran across this plan by Alison Ramsey Architects, and its really quite different from what I’ve been posting… So… in an effort to reach everyone’s likes, I am posting a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom plan that is roughly 1,847 square feet of heated living space. It’s not always easy for me to imagine this sketch as a real house… Allison Ramsey Architects shows photos of real houses, and that helps immensely!  See the images HERE.

If I were to build this house I’m thinking I would either have wood siding, painted white with a galvanized metal roof and black trim around the windows or shakes, but I’m leaning towards the white/black/metal… I would use an amazing front door (friends don’t let friends buy ugly doors!) something a tad wider than normal, with as much glass as you’re comfortable with… I think that would look amazing. Install a gas lantern (or two) and add an American flag and whoa! You have one gorgeous house! Ahhhh, that was fun… what would YOU do?

Parrot Creek Cottage (C0344) by Alison Ramsey Architects - Main Floor
Parrot Creek Cottage (C0344) by Alison Ramsey Architects – Main Floor

I love the setup of this plan. I like that the master bedroom/bathroom is in the back of the house, and I like that its not a huge bathroom… its just right! Nice walk in closet as well… very nice and cool that there is a small deck off of the master. The utility room is close by, which is helpful when folding and putting away clothes. Our laundry room is currently in our bathroom and I love it there! It’s so convenient to pull clothes out of the dryer and fold them on the bed. Easy on the back too (we have a high bed). This plan has a great open kitchen, dining, living spaces and a small powder room tucked out of the way. Perfect!


Parrot Creek Cottage (C0344) by Alison Ramsey Architects (Upstairs)
Parrot Creek Cottage (C0344) by Alison Ramsey Architects (Upstairs)

The upstairs has a few bedrooms that share a bath (thankyouverymuch!) I think it’s nice that everyone has their own bathroom if they’re the ones cleaning it (hee hee)… otherwise I think a shared bath is the way to go!

I love the loft area, either to use as a little private tv/reading room, or a place for a dreadmill, uh, I meant TREADmill… Could also make a nice little office… the possibilities for that space are endless!

ALL IMAGES VIA ALLISONRAMSEYARCHITECT.COM with permission from the company…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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