Featured Artist: Sandy Welch!

I Love You Joan Mitchell by Sandy Welch
I Love You Joan Mitchell by Sandy Welch

Ooooowie! I was so happy to run across artist Sandy Welch’s paintings! I was looking at some Joan Mitchell type art and ran across her work… WOW! Her use of color makes me so happy! I Love You Joan Mitchell (above) is so vibrant with a few dark undertones to really make it stand out. I love the thicker areas of pink. WOW! Amazing…

If you aren’t familiar with Sandy, check out her website, it is so full of fabulous paintings, one after another… it took me forever to choose only two! A few remind me of Peter Max’s work, similar but different… happy and vibrant!

Spring by Sandy Welch
Spring by Sandy Welch

Then I ran across this one… oh no… Spring is a perfect name for it… like the blooms on flowers just exploding with color. This painting makes me smile, how could it not?  I love all those pinks, and the light greens in the background and little pops of yellow to make it all fuse together oh so nicely!

Read a blip about artist Sandy Welch from her website:

Sandy is the consummate artist, who consistently endeavors to catch the essence of her subject, be it the pose of a fashionista, a sun-drenched luxurious meadow, or a coquettish shoe. Painting is her pulse, and her canvasses POP with provocative color and a flirtatious style.

Sandy attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and has studied with professional artists, Bob Noreika, Beth Ellis, Charles Slovek, Stuart Shils and Ilona Levitz, among others. Sandy has exhibited at the Fisher Gallery at the Farmington Valley Arts Center in Avon,Chase Gallery at the Jewish Community Center, West Hartford, West Hartford Art League, Asylum Hill Congregational Church, Hartford Stage, Real Art Ways, On Twenty, and the New Britain Museum of American Art. Sandy has been featured in the Hartford Courant numerous times, West Hartford Public Television, Farmington Valley Arts Center Connections, and Artist Magazine’s featured artist.

“Painting is vital to my life. I paint from a youthful, fresh, feminine and passionate perspective. Summer is my mirror, and fashion is my muse. My palette is filled with the delicious colors of summer. The many faces and inner beauty of women fascinate me. I’m excited by the beauty that surrounds me. This is how I choose to create my life and my art”.

 All Images Via SandyWelch.com with permission from the artist…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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