Tonight at Robert Lange Studios: FLUTTER Pastel & Silver Leaf Works by June Stratton!

Ella & the Mocking Birds 18x22" Pastel & Silverleaf on Paper
Ella & the Mocking Birds by June Stratton
18×22″ Pastel & Silver Leaf on Paper

Robert Lange Studios.  Cutting edge. This gallery is always at the top of their game. They represent some of the most unique artists and they do it so well. Tonight is the long awaited Palette & Palate Stroll, where the CFADA (Charleston Fine Art Dealers Association) galleries team up with some of the hottest restaurants in town. You buy a ticket, then stroll from gallery to gallery, checking out the fabulous art and tasting some of the most wonderful food on the planet. What’s not to love? Art and food! Robert Lange Studios has been paired with McCrady’s Restaurant. A match made in heaven!

June Stratton – a stunning artist who creates the most gorgeous pieces, from work in this show, Flutter to past work, every piece is amazing!

Look at the way this dog is watching the mocking birds In Ella and the Mocking Birds. June has this so spot on! I can see my own Jack Russell looking out of his windows at the birds. So intense. What a unique composition.

Tonight, at Robert Lange Studios, there is an amazing show: F L U T T E R – Pastel and Silverleaf Works from June Stratton

Here is a little something that June has to say about her show:

As a diversion from my usual figurative art works, I decided to create drawings that were intended as dreamscape studies for larger figurative paintings these combine a cast of inhabitants from  my nocturnal wanderings. These smaller drawings have become alluring similes of dream portraits all on their own. These new art works are Pastel and Silver Leaf on Canson paper. The silver leaf within these pieces is both a metaphor of reflective meaning and an intentional nod to aesthetic appearance of iconic drawings of centuries past.

This painting is from a past show, but shows that June is cutting edge herself, making each piece uniquely hers.

Tangled in Blues by June Stratton 16x20" Oil & Silver on Linen
Tangled in Blues by June Stratton
16×20″ Oil & Silver on Linen – SOLD

What a masterpiece this painting is! Everything about it is briliant!

I know you’re hoping you have tickets to the Palette and Palate Stroll this evening! It’s going to be a great time. If you don’t have tickets, swing by the gallery on Saturday (or check out the show online!).

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via used with permission…

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