Featured Artist: Lynne Lockhart!

Coco by Lynne Lockhart
Coco by Lynne Lockhart

Lynne Lockhart. Wow, she really understands animals. Her paintings are amazing, but I’m drawn to the animals, especially the dogs, they all have such personality. Just look at Coco above, I would think she is likely wanting something… a treat perhaps? I love that face and the orange in the shadow, brilliant!

Read a bit about Lynne from her website:

Painting is a visual language and so is much of the language of animals. The quiet observation of the natural world, both wild and tame provides endless painting possibilities. No matter the subject, the application of paint to canvas is the easy part. Understanding anatomy, the nature of light and knowing your materials are only some of the variables one gets to juggle. However, the real challenge for me is the interpretation of what I see. That is the translation from subject to canvas. It is this translation through the artist that makes the difference in painters. Our facts may be the same but our truths are different.

Lynne Lockhart is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists. She lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with 2 mutts and her husband, painter Kirk McBride. They all go exploring together.

Image via Lockhartpainter.com – used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

One thought on “Featured Artist: Lynne Lockhart!

  1. Susan graeber

    You nailed it Barbara! I’ve seen Lynn’s paintings over the years, and her dog portraits are fabulous! Awesome Orange on that shadow


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