An important decision… made tomorrow!

Material via Charleston Cty Public Library
Material via Charleston County Public Library

An important decision is to be made tomorrow (Election Day) – it’s a cause near and dear to my heart… the Charleston County Public Library. We have a small branch a short walk away. We need our library for so many reasons other than to check out a book (my reason), it offers valuable resources for children, it offers computers to those who don’t have one, it’s a place that provides endless programs, all for free, to better the county.

Now they need your help… after many, many years (our library hasn’t changed a bit since we moved here almost twenty years ago, and I bet it hasn’t changed much since it first opened).

Brian Hicks, a columnist for the Post & Courier wrote a great article: “Library Referendum Shouldn’t Get Lost in Election Year Burnout”.

So. True.

TOMORROW… November 4 (Tuesday), if you live in Charleston County (SC) – the county is asking voters to approve $108 million in spending for the county library. With that money they can rebuild three libraries that sorely need it, add 2 new libraries and update 13 branches, including the one within a short walk from my house.

Voters haven’t been asked for help with our libraries in almost 30 years – despite the huge population growth that we see (27%) – Our library circulation grew by 289% within that same time period. TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY NINE PERCENT. They need an update.

The impact on your property taxes won’t be much, for example, the owner of a $100,000 home would only have their property tax bill increase a little LESS THAN $1/month ($11.20 to be exact). It’s hard to say yes to increase taxes for every reason – but this one… important!! Don’t you agree??? This ends my political post for the next year 😉

Our libraries are lacking… they fall far below minimum state standards in many areas including:

-Libraries should have 1.25 square feet of public space per resident -Charleston County Public Library (CCPL) has .43 square feet of public space per capita!

-Libraries should have three public computers per 1,000 residents in the county (only 3?) – CCPL has .9 public computers per 1,000 residents.

Check out the library website for more info:

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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