Meet John and Christy from Magwood Seafood – Mount Pleasant!

Great FRESH shrimp at Magwood!
Great FRESH shrimp at Magwood!

Shem Creek. One side of the creek has the wonderful park and dock that goes way out over the water and then there is the “other side” of Shem Creek (other side of the water) where it seems to be quaintly tucked away. It is heavenly. Like something from days gone by. Hard working people bringing you the freshest seafood there is. If you’ve ever been to “The Wreck of the Richard & Charlene” (great restaurant), you’re right near Magwood Seafood!

What an amazing place Magwood Seafood is. Talk about hard work, fair prices and an undeniable gorgeous location! They have some of the freshest seafood around!

John - Magwood Seafood
John – Magwood Seafood

Meet John – he owns Magwood Seafood, and is quite an interesting guy. He had many wonderful stories, and after talking to him, I’m telling you, seafood is all that really sounds good!

Christy - Magwood Seafood
Christy – Magwood Seafood

Meet Christy – this girl has the most fabulous attitude in the world. Life is about giving people a chance, working hard and staying strong. That’s Christy. She can pop the head off shrimp faster than I can tap my finger – she explained to us the process (I wish I would have taken a photo of the shrimp!) I guess I had never seen an entire shrimp with the red legs (is that what they’re called?) and the long dark antennae looking “thing” – very cool… they explained that when you see red legs the shrimp are very fresh (just caught an hour or so before we saw them), very interesting!

I’m heading down there this week for my weekly gathering! Hope to see you there! It’s a happening place that’s for sure!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Meet John and Christy from Magwood Seafood – Mount Pleasant!

  1. Scott

    You haven’t ever had good shrimp until you buy it off the boat, never, ever frozen until you’ve had it from a place like this. Used to stop by and buy a few every now and then and man they were great!!!


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