Introducing… & the Realism Show at Robert Lange Studios!

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He Got Game by Scott Royston 26x22" Oil/Linen
He Got Game by Scott Royston
26×22″ Oil/Linen
On another note… a little something extra to mention… tonight is the art walk in Charleston, SC – it should be a good one! Robert Lange Studios will be hosting the International Guild of Realism’s 9th Annual Exhibition. Up to 75 works! They will be on display from November 7-28, 2014! Opening reception is tonight!
International Guild of Realism’s 9th Annual Exhibition
Up to 75 works on show

Click HERE to view images from this show.


NOVEMBER 7 – 28 2014

Charleston will become the Realism art capital of the world from November 7 through November 28, 2014, when 68 international Realism artists showcase their latest masterpieces at Robert Lange Studios, voted Best Art Gallery in Charleston from 2010 to 2013. This represents one of the largest Realism shows ever displayed for this genre in the southeast.

“When an artist knows their work will be hanging along side some of the best realists in the country they tend to paint a little longer and add even more final touches than perhaps they normally would. The end result is a polished show where each painter has put their very best foot forward,” says Robert Lange, co-owner of Robert Lange Studios.

The exhibition is the International Guild of Realism’s ninth annual gallery show and will open with a gala reception Friday, November 7th from 5 – 8PM at the gallery’s historic location. Over 20 of the artists will be in attendance including artists from Sweden, Iceland, Canada and Norway, according to co-owner Megan Lange.

“Realism is having such a resurgence in the last twenty years. One can’t help but recognize and respect the staggering amount of hours required to create a technically exceptional realist painting. We’ve curated a show of traditional realist works, choosing paintings that demonstrate the artists undeniable technical skill first and foremost,” she added.

The show will have 73 juried paintings in categories including landscapes, still lifes, figurative art, photorealism and trompe l’oeil. The prices will range from $950 to $60,000. The works were juried into the show from over 350 IGOR member entries.

For more information, preview the artworks at or call (843) 805-8052. The International Guild of Realism’s own website at features 340 worldwide artists.

Image via, used with permission…

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