Featured Artist… Cynthia Rosen!

Sunlight and Snowcaps by Cynthia Rosen
Sunlight and Snowcaps by Cynthia Rosen  |  24×32″ Alkyd on Panel

Cynthia Rosen. I love her color palette and bold layers of paint. The texture is fabulous, the color is brilliant, the composition is nice, what more can you ask for? I especially like the bits of light playing off the shadows, nice!

At High Noon in the West by Cynthia Rosen
At High Noon in the West by Cynthia Rosen | 12×9″ Oil

At High Noon in the West is one of the many paintings in her special sale that’s going on right now. I think it’s AH-mazing! Take a peek, they’re fabulous and very well priced!

Cynthia is also an excellent writer… check out her blog, it’s very insightful, and I love the way she writes (like she’s talking to you). It’s very engaging!

Read a but a bit about Cynthia from her website

I embarked on an art career at a fairly young age securing connections with a number of galleries in NYC, Philadelphia,  San Francisco, North Palm Beach and elsewhere, with works in both corporate and private collections, only to later turn my life towards raising a family and teaching.  During these years my creative urges found outlets though theater work and fundraisers.  I have recently returned to art professionally.  

Where I once was a non-objective painter, I have jumped feet first onto the scene painting representational images. This portfolio represents a return to my love affair with paint and the constant growth and changes inherent in the creative process.

Where my own search will take me is yet to be seen but can be tracked on my website.  While it began with the natural progression from designing and painting theater sets to executing murals, it has since turned to the immediacy of plein air paintings.  I have recently incorporated a studio component as my works are creeping up in size, “Old habits die hard”.   So goes the process of making art.  

Time will tell where these travels will take me so please return occasionally and feel free to touch base via this website and or the blog that is in it’s infancy.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Featured Artist… Cynthia Rosen!

  1. Cynthia Rosen has a great style with color and light bringing a freshness to the canvas! There is great clarity and movement in her works , bringing her excitement of her subject to you.


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