Featured Artist… Debra Huse!

Yosemite Renaissance XXIV by Debra Huse Best of Show Award!
Yosemite Renaissance XXIV by Debra Huse
Best of Show Award!

Debra Huse. I love this woman’s work! It’s different. Fabulous colors and her style is one I absolutely adore. To try to figure out WHICH painting could be your biggest problem (and what a problem to have!) – each and every one is stunning! Take Yosemite Renaissance XXIV for example… How wonderful is that? I love the body expressions! The background lends itself to making the people stand out wonderfully but gives you a sense of where they are. Love it!

Sailors Delight II by Debra Huse 24x30" Oil
Sailors Delight II by Debra Huse
24×30″ Oil

Debra has some beautiful paintings of sailboats, just lovely. Check them out on her website… Debra also owns her own gallery, and a top notch one it is! Visit the Debra Huse Gallery!

Read a bit about Debra from her website, and check out all the WORKSHOPS for 2015! :

Name: Debra Huse (Ressel)

Studio; A Marina in Newport Beach, CA

Gallery: Debra Huse Gallery, 229 Marine Ave. 
Balboa Island, CA 92662 www.debrahusegallery.com

Born & Raised: Indianapolis, IN

Favorite Book; Two Years Before the Mast

Family: Husband Randy Ressel
Transportation: 43’ Santa Barbara Sportfishing Boat. 

Artist’s Statement

I’ve been blessed with the talent of seeing and the passion for painting. Oil is such a luscious medium. Applying lots of paint – moving it around and carving out areas is fascinating. As a contemporary plein air colorist, I strive to capture the beauty of the moment, the poetry of the atmosphere, and the notes of colorful light with the spontaneity and energy of a painter intrigued. Not painting is not an option.

Images via DebraHuse.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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