House Plan: Tideland Haven Garage Plan!!

Tideland Haven Garage Plan by Our Town Plans
Tideland Haven Garage Plan by Our Town Plans

Tideland Haven Garage Plan by Our Town Plans. This garage fits Tideland Haven house plan to a tee! With space for two vehicles, as well as a golf cart or similar and a small guest house. What more could you ask for?! I think the design of this is brilliant. And… it accompanies one of the most popular house plans ever!

Tideland Haven Garage Plan by Our Town Plans
Tideland Haven Garage Plan by Our Town Plans

There is plenty of room for two cars as well as storage. I love the spot for the golf cart! And the guest room… well, it’s just perfect! When you need guest space, this covers the basics… bathroom, bed, and storage space! I am happy to say you’ll see more plans by Our Town Plans! I just happen to love them all!

All images via, used with permission!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “House Plan: Tideland Haven Garage Plan!!

  1. Lyne Lassen

    Thanks for posting this to the Tideland Haven group page on Facebook! I’m glad to see you still follow our merry little band! I am thrilled that the group has grown and become more interactive and (hopefully) helpful to those who are considering building the TH. Finally getting a member who has built and another who is underway has been a huge addition to the group!
    I appreciate you urging me to start the group and your continued support of it! Thanks again!
    Lyne Lassen


    1. Hey Lyne! I’m so happy to see that your FB group is a success! What a perfect forum for those who are thinking about (or are!) building Tidelands Haven. It’s an amazing plan! I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say!


  2. Thank you Barbara! We’re very excited about this garage.

    ^Lyne, I check in on your group page from time to time (and even send people to see it), but Facebook won’t let OTP join the group. Thanks for starting it!


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