Featured Artist: Elise Phillips!

Happy Hour by Elise Phillips 36x36" Oil
Happy Hour by Elise Phillips
36×36″ Oil

Elise Phillips. I love the name of this painting… Happy Hour. Many of her paintings depict Pennsylvania scenes. She did a great job, because before I even read her bio I looked through her paintings and thought of Pennsylvania. This is nice, the cows eating on a cold winter day, the house in the background, all toasty warm with a fire in the fireplace… and lights on in the house. The subtle shadows on the snow are just beautiful as are the trees. A very nice painting indeed!

Read a bit about Elise, from her website, and be sure to check out her paintings while you’re there!

Elise Phillips was born in Wayne, Pennsylvania into a family with an extensive background in the fine arts. Her great, great grandfather founded Newman Galleries in Philadelphia in 1865, and today she is the fifth generation of the family to exhibit there.

A graduate of The Hussian School of Art in 1983, she was an accomplished illustrator and graphic designer with many successful commissions in the business community. With an inherent passion for painting, she enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, emerging well schooled in the tradition of the Academy.

Elise has for many years maintained a studio in Elverson, Pennsylvania, where the bucolic countryside is a source of inspiration for many of her paintings, as is the Jersey Shore, New England and the Eastern shore of Maryland, where she is a frequent visitor.

An award winning exhibitor, she is a signature member of the Philadelphia Water Color Society, a member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Oil Painters of America, Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters, and the French Creek Art Colony.

Images via ENPhillips.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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