Grand old Charleston home… about to get a makeover? | barbara stroud

The large, grand, historic homes in Charleston, SC are stunning. Breathtaking even. Besides the cost of the home, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc. can you imagine the maintenance? I’m not sure where I was when I snapped this photo, but it appears that this home may be receiving a makeover? Look at the intricate detail. Just beautiful! You have to be able to look beyond what is there to be able to see what it could truly be. A diamond in the rough…

This home will be stunning! Catch you back here tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Grand old Charleston home… about to get a makeover?

    1. I think that perspective would make a great painting! Good idea! I will post the restored house. Wherever we were walking it was in the area where they have to get the BAR (Board of Architectural Review) approval. So it has to be good 😉 Have a great week David!


      1. Agreed, it could make a very nice painting. I’ll have to check out the Charleston area in person some day. Good to know they will likely do it right. It would be a shame to muck up that lovely visual design. Now, back to work … !


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