Featured Artist: Carlos San Millan!

Mirror by Carlos San Millan 30x40cm  Oil
Mirror by Carlos San Millan
30x40cm Oil – Sold

Carlos San Millan. STUNNING. I find more and more I am really drawn to paintings with some abstract qualities to them. I love normal everyday things, especially interiors. Kitchen sinks, a comfy chair, table and lamp, those kinds of things… and this bathroom mirror is quite stunning. I love the colors and the mixtures of paint. I am fascinated by this painting. I can scroll through images and just by the colors, the lights/darks, normally there will be painting that jumps out at me. This one jumped, did back flips and everything else. Whoa!

English Garden #19 by Carlos San Millan 30x45cm Oil
English Garden #19 by Carlos San Millan
30x45cm Oil

Another stunner. I love the wonderful brush strokes and lack of definition, leaving your imagination to do its job! Next time I attempt painting, I’m going to keep this in mind. LESS IS MORE. I’m going to use a huge brush and I’m going to PAINT WITH PAINT, ha ha…  Stunning, Carlos!

A bit about Carlos from his profile on Saatchi Art:

Carlos San Millan (b. 1969 – Spain) engages with painting through a more conceptual view about the traditional subjects as figure or landscape. There is a subtile narration into their paintings, a presence that overlays on viewer’s perception and loads images with tarnished evocation . San Millan was graduated from University of Basque Country School with degrees in painting and design in 1995. He has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Spain and Latin America. 

Images are via csanmillan.jimdo.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Carlos San Millan!

  1. I love, love this artist. I love to be introduced to artist’s work that I’m unfamiliar with. I spent quite a bit of time on his website….so inspirational! I love his use of colour and soft edges!


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