Featured Artist: Skip Lawrence!

February Studio by Skip Lawrence 15x15 Acrylic on Rag Paper
February Studio by Skip Lawrence
15×15 Acrylic on Rag Paper

Skip Lawrence. His paintings have pizazz. A little something unexpected and wonderful. They have life. Depth. Feeling and movement. They’re fabulous! Skip loves to paint and it shows in every single one of his paintings!

Red Mark by Skip Lawrence (Sold) 22x30" Mixed Media
Red Mark by Skip Lawrence (Sold)
22×30″ Mixed Media

Red Mark is a perfect example of a loose painting that has total shape and movement. That white outline on her right hip/thigh is brilliant. Love the red mark and the swishes of color… what else do you see in this painting?? Fabulous!

Are you looking for a workshop to take? Something different? Look no further! Skip is offering workshops in several locations… check out his workshop schedule!

Read a bit about Skip, from his website, also check out his blog!:


I love everything about painting. I love feeling the paint, seeing a rich color spread under my brush onto a surface and the play between colors coming together. I love watching my idea take form  until a painting finally says “it” and I am surprised and delighted every time. I love sharing my art and knowing that someone is moved by it.

I see no hierarchy among realism, abstraction, non-objective painting styles.  I see only the relationship of colors, shapes, surface and line that either thrills or bores me. When these elements come together to communicate an artist’s intention to the viewer, to connect with someone, it is nothing short of wonderful.


Teaching, for me, is nothing more than sharing my experience. And my experience has shown me that most of us are taught to spend too long learning how to paint before graduating to why we paint. Painting from an expressive idea allows us to evaluate our results, encourages exploration, and can lead to new possibilities. I believe that once you home in on the Why of your painting, the How will naturally follow. As a teacher, it is my desire and joy to help artists find out what it is that they want to say and to best say it in paint,  in their  unique way.


The subjects that have inspired me to paint have changed many, many times in the course of my painting life. I originally gained recognition for my landscape paintings. Like many new watercolorists, I was excited by the medium’s ability to capture glowing light and subtle atmosphere, and the landscape is an endless source of material. However, I missed the expressive lushness of oil painting, so I started using watercolor as I do now, in a more direct, opaque way.

The freedom from the “thou shalt/shall nots” of traditional watercolor opened up endless expressive possibilities and subjects to me. Today I work in oil, acrylic, watercolor, drawing, ink, and every combination thereof. My subjects may be my dogs, my paintbrushes, my wife, or the experience of gazing into a tide-pool or a day fly fishing on a mountain stream. The common element is that my subjects are always something I care deeply about, something I am connected to emotionally. It may not always be evident to the viewer What it is I am painting, but it is pretty obvious that it is something I love!

I draw from a deep well of inspiration and admiration of many artists. I am inspired by Robert Motherwell for his freedom of mark and dedication to ideas, by Pierre Bonnard for his ability to surprise the viewer with the most familiar of subjects and for his gift with color, and by Richard Diebenkorn for fearless form and flat out beauty. The list goes on and on and includes many of my contemporaries and students as well.

All images via SkipLawrence.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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