Featured Artist: Karen Tusinski!

Karen Tusinski | ArtFoodHome.com

Ironstone by Karen Tusinski – 30×20″ Oil & Graphite on Canvas

Karen Tusinski. Bright, happy paintings.  Wow, what a statement they make! It’s fun to find artists with a whimsical, fun style!

Poppies are a personal favorite and hers have spunk! Also see her pebble strew beaches with tranquil sees and more. I love how she provides links (they’re on the right) to click on to see the different magazine articles – and photos! Great to see the images in a room… Like I said, WOW!

Oranges No. 9  –  48×48″ Oil & Graphite on Canvas

Bright, happy and a stunning accompaniment to any room! The 48×48″ size commands attention!

Read a bit about Karen – from her website:

Tusinksi subscribes to the natural contrast found in our world. Geometric and organic form play together in each piece, combining in an energized abstraction. Common themes include bright poppies in a variety of color schemes, pebble strewn beaches with tranquil seas, and reoccurring circular patterns in both abstracts and expressive still lifes. Tusinski’s work offers pleasing tonal relationships through common motifs and patterns inspired by nature. Her keen observation of the seemingly ordinary allows the viewer a new lens to hold against everyday images, from horizon lines to buds to bowls.

Image via TusinskiGallery.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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