Featured Artist: Ralf Feyl!

Painting by Ralf Feyl
Painting by Ralf Feyl

Ralf Feyl. I have been in a conundrum trying to select a few paintings… Truly, Ralf’s paintings are so good that I want to show you every single one, but thankfully you can click on the link at the beginning of this post to be directed to his website where you can peruse to your heart’s content!

Ralf’s water is captivating. It’s like sitting on the back side of Monhegan watching the waves crash against the rocks. There is something spiritual about this. I could sit there all day long, lost in thought… the sound of the ocean is so peaceful! So are Ralf’s paintings!

Painting by Ralf Feyl
Painting by Ralf Feyl

I think the graceful lines of the boat against the abstract background is just beautiful. There is a sereneness to this painting.

Lovely! You’ve got to check out Ralf’s website… Stunning work!

Read a bit about Ralf, from his website:
First generation German roots and a midwestern upbringing provided Ralf Feyl with a strong foundation and sharp instincts. Born in Chicago in 1970, Ralf was immersed in the world of hand work, his father being a master carpenter and his mother, a seamstress and tailor. Observing his parents’ crafts, Ralf became attuned to detail, delicacy, and design. At the American Academy in Chicago, Ralf studied with the beloved and respected Bill Parks. He then traveled east to study in Connecticut at the Lyme Academy and became deeply inspired by the mysterious borderlands of the coastal area and the people who inhabit it. Once in New England, Ralf found the influence and stimulation he needed. In 1992 Jeff Cooley of the Cooley Gallery offered Ralf his first exhibit, where he has been represented ever since. Ralf has over twenty solo exhibitions to his credit, and his work is found in hundreds of private and corporate collections across the globe, including Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt; Boeing, Chicago; Swedish Trade Council, Stockholm; and Pfizer Inc., New York. Ralf Feyl resides in Maine where he continues to paint. At times elusive and at times familiar, Ralf creates a plurality of feelings that keeps the viewer engaged and curious.

All images via RalfFeyl.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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