Featured Artist: Greg Block!

Americana by Greg Block

Americana by Greg Block  72×36″  Oil on Board  (Sold)

Talent beyond belief. That describes Greg Block! I can look at this painting, Americana, forever. There is so much interest, and so much to see if you take the time and look around. Just think of all the stories that could be told to go along with this painting! How many questions can you come up with, like who’s teeth are on the top shelf? What is someone going to do with that ax? An interesting array of items. So interesting!

Greg Block Layer Cake Gallery 1261

Layer Cake by Greg Block  30×40″  Oil (Sold)

I saw this painting, Layer Cake, on Gallery 1261‘s website. Sold. Nice. I love this painting. Somehow I think Greg got a peek into the kitchen when I’m baking, ha ha. A fabulous painting, and it’s so represents how it goes with baking sometimes… I love the subtle colors with just the few twists of color.

Greg recently was part of an exhibit “The Renaissance of Realism” at Gallery 1261 in Colorado, the show runs through December 5, 2015. Now that would have been a wonderful opening reception to attend!

Read a bit about Greg, from his website:

Gregory was born in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1986 and moved to Colorado at an early age.  During his childhood, he attended a Waldorf school where he discovered a love of painting, sculpture, music, and the natural world.   He continued to develop his skills as an artist and musician throughout high school, and painted whenever he could while earning his BA in biology at Colorado College.   As a student, he made a conscious decision not to take any painting courses or adopt a mentor, opting instead to learn through experimentation and close scrutiny of paintings by artists he admired.  After graduating in 2009, he devoted his studies to painting and has since gained recognition as “one of the most promising young artists in the representational art world” (Fine Art Today).  He lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

All images via GregoryFBlock.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist

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