Featured Artist: David Simons – Workshop coming soon…

The Wave by David Simons

The Wave
by David Simons
20×30″ Oil

David Simons. Such a talented artist. Be sure to check out his website, you’ll see what I mean. He is so versatile. His paintings are out of this world!

Just look at the light in this water. A great combination of light, movement, wonderful color, texture and the feeling of distance. It’s so fabulous I can hear the waves crashing!

Blue Crab by David Simons

Blue Crab
by David Simons
12×16″  Oil

David is just brilliant when it comes to color. He makes each painting interesting and dynamic. Fabulous!

Are you interested in taking a workshop? David has one coming up, here is the info:

2 Day Oil Painting Workshop with David Simons
(Limit 10 students)

December 9th AND 10th, 2015 at Beads of Tubac, Located at 8 Burrell St. Tubac, AZ 85646

In this class I will focus on using suggestive brushwork. I will also be focusing on working with the important elements of your subject while eliminating or simplifying the non essential.

Workshop Fees: $185 per student

For Sign Up and Supply List; email David at: davidsimonsfineart@gmail.com

Read a blip about David, from his website:

David Simons is a self-taught artist of over 30 years from Tubac, Arizona. His unique and captivating oil paintings have made him one of the most notable artists in the Southwest, with collectors worldwide. Displaying a range of diverse subjects in his work, David brings his signature style to life with scenes from the southwest, seascapes, portraits, still life, and more. David also hosts workshops on oil painting and is a renowned artist not only by Arizona locals, but national publications such as Southwest Art, Art Talk Magazine, and Arizona Highways.

Oil painting for me is a meditative experience — essential to my well-being, and a necessary part of my life. Painting brings me great joy, and, I hope, uplifts the hearts of those who view my work.

I like to explore the subtle ways that light affects the subject. I also enjoy color, but the value relationships in a scene are what interest me most. I also like to emphasize the abstract nature of what surrounds us.” Click HERE to read more…

All images via DavidSimonsFineArt.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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