Featured Artist: Sarah Yeoman!

Cafe by Sarah Yeoman

Cafe by Sarah Yeoman – Watercolor

Sarah Yeoman, what wonderful work. Her watercolors are just out of this world! I love this lively Cafe painting above. It has so many cool features. I love the people, they aren’t specific, I can use my imagination. I can tell that it’s a cool place, a place that would be fun to hang out at. Look at those wonderful colors and shapes

Morning Crows by Sarah Yeoman

Morning Crows by Sarah Yeoman
30×22″ Watercolor on Paper

These two crows have oodles of character, don’t they? Wonderful!

If you are interested in taking a workshop, check out the WORKSHOP or the STUDIO CLASSES pages of Sarah’s website!

Read a bit about Sarah, from her website:

Sarah Yeoman is an award-wining American watercolor artist and a signature member of the Philadelphia Water Color Society. Her mastery of reflections, unique surface layers, and unusual perspective clearly sets her apart from the crowd.

Living in Delaware in the northeastern United States, she is recognized for her command of light narrative and strength of story.  She is inspired by Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent, and in more recent years by Tom Schaller and Alvaro Castagnet.  In the summer, Sarah follows Winslow’s footsteps in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, hiking and paddling in remote locations where she paints and collects references.  She is equally at home in urban and lush garden settings; she lives on a private garden estate and draws on the greenhouses and gardens for inspiration, but also finds beauty in nearby Philadelphia and its rich architectural and human vibrations.  Her years as a singer/songwriter flow through her process in the melodious and lyrical qualities of her paintings.

Sarah describes her artistic process as “sculpting and pulling the form out of the paper,” much as a sculpture releases the form from the marble. Her imaginative and unusual perspective frames her work with the deepest ability to project how she sees the world, formed by shadow and light.  Her mastery of watercolor deepens the story and intimacy of her work, as the resulting texture, color shifts, and granulation reveal the warm feeling of light as well as the whispers of light air. As she minimizes detail, the abstract shapes and surface of the paper reveal her deep connection with the process.

Sarah is represented by Abanakee Studios and Gallery 3040 in New York State, Gallery One in Chadds Ford Pennsylvania, and Sharp Art Gallery in Washington State. She is also much sought after as a workshop instructor. For more information please visit her website.

All images via SarahYeoman.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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