Featured Artist: Kimberly Santini!

Beamer by Kimberly Kelly Santini

Beamer by Kimberly Kelly Santini  6×6″ Acrylic

Kimberly Kelly Santini. Her paintings capture the life wiggling inside these furry little animals. This painting exudes sweetness. Just look at those eyes and that fabulous fur! I would like to meet this dog… it reminds me of Charlie, especially the wisps of hair in front of the eyes. Great colors in this painting.

24k Bun by Kimberly Kely Santini

24K Bun by Kimberly Kelly Santini  8×10″ Acrylic with Gold Leaf

This painting caught my eye. It makes me smile. Very unique. I like the addition of gold leaf. The colors in this painting are wonderful, it’s painted very loosely and is just perfect. THOSE EYES! The eyes make this painting! I think that’s true for most paintings of animals. If the eyes aren’t right then it doesn’t really capture the animal fully. LOVE the tiny bit of light hitting the eyelashes on the left side. Wonderful!

This is one watermark I don’t mind…

Read a bit about Kimberly, from her website:

First and foremost, I am a Mom. This means I have eyes in the back of my head, spot on intuition, the patience of a saint, killer multi-tasking skills, and mountains of compassion. 

Conveniently, these are also all prerequisites for being an artist.

I see details, study body language, filter and sift through the flood of ensuing ideas, get the kids on the bus, and THEN pick up the brushes and paint.

Painting is my livelihood. It is how I support my family. It is a passion I gratefully share with my students. It is how I give back to my community. It is an example to my kids (and others) to follow their dreams. It is also how I maintain my sanity (ok, in the interest of full disclosure, that last point about my sanity has been questioned).

I’ve got college degrees in art and art history, an extensive professional background in many different art arenas and some odder life experiences (like writing automobile owners manuals) that add up to who I am today. My work is widely and enthusiastically collected, sitting in corporate collections and homes around the world, and has been honored with a variety of wonderful awards (hello 2015 Kentucky Derby!!).

I’ve only just begun. I want to paint the world, to show you how I see light and color. I want us to share a moment where you reach into my paintings with your heart.

It’s the best sort of connection to build a new friendship upon.

Tell me what you think. Sign up to follow my daily pieces, stay in touch via social media, browse my portfolio, or visit my work in person. Then shoot me an email and share your thoughts.

I sincerely thank you for your time, your ideas, your business and your referrals.

Images are watermarked at request of the artist.

All images via KimberlyKellySantini.com, used with permission…


Catch you back here tomorrow!

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