Featured Artist: Karen Blackwood (& UPCOMING WORKSHOP)!

Closed For Winter by Karen Blackwood

Closed for Winter by Karen Blackwood 24×30″  Oil (Available at Haynes Galleries)

Karen Blackwood has wonderful work. This winter scene has such a wonderful feel to it. The subtle colors, the shapes of the trees, the grasses that break up the snow – nice!

Are you interested in taking a workshop with Karen? She has a one day workshop with a few openings… next month! Karen would be a great artist to take a workshop from, especially if you are interested in seascapes!

Karen Blackwood Workshop

Sounds like a fabulous workshop, doesn’t it? Contact Karen if interested!

Sun and Surf by Karen Blackwood

Sun and Surf by Karen Blackwood  18×36″  Oil (Available at Trees Place Gallery)

Karen’s seascapes are well known, they have such lively movement, fabulous colors, light and those waves! Wow!

Read a bit about Karen, from her website:

Karen Blackwood was born in N.H. and received her BA in the Studio Art program at the University of N.H. studying under Conley Harris and Sigmund Abeles, with continued studies at the  Art Students League in N.Y. and the Institute of Art in CA. After spending the earlier part of her professional life as an Art Director for a major New York City ad Agency, she moved to California, picked up her brushes and dedicated herself to painting. Trained in the classical tradition, Karen painted portraits and figurative work before focusing on landscapes. As a member of the California Art Club, Karen’s new passion for landscapes bloomed among a group of plein-air painters inspired by the rich tradition in California Impressionism. The clubs renowned members include Granville Redmond and Edgar Payne. They, as well as American Masters like John Singer Sargent, James Abbott McNeil Whistler, Winslow Homer and the Hudson River School Artists are influential to Karen.

Like the California Impressionists, Karen feels light is a defining factor, and it is the atmospheric quality of the light that she captures in her paintings. Her work is a desire to convey an emotional response to the landscape and to attain that perfect state of being that sometimes comes from painting it. Now living in Newburyport, Massachusetts, the coastal scenery is providing her with endless inspiration for her marine work, garnering her an award as a Finalist in the International Artist Magazine Competition, Honorable Mention in a recent OPA online showcase and numerous selections as the Favorite Top 15% in the Bold Brush Competitions. Read more HERE

All images via KarenBlackwoodFineArt.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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