Featured Artist: Heather Arenas!

Lost in Translation by Heather Arenas

Lost in Translation by Heather Arenas 24×18″  Oil

Nice painting by Heather Arenas. She caught this guy lost in thought… You can see him thinking… wondering where he is or where he’s going. The little tree behind him is wonderful, but the shadow of it on the building… Love!!

31st and Lexington by Heather Arenas

31st and Lexington by Heather Arenas  18×24″  Oil

Wonderful light in the sky. Love all the light, from the signs, the reflections, the street sign, etc. A fabulous, wild sky and the streetlights which seem to anchor the painting.

Read a bit about Heather, from her website:

Artist’s Statement

One of my goals is to say more with a painting than can be said with a photograph. I want to help others see the beauty in everyday objects, places and people as I see them.

Medium and Subject Matter

I work in oils and prefer figurative work but enjoy painting many different subjects.


My grandmothers were both artists and my parents provided me with various art supplies growing up. I was taught to appreciate many forms of art. I have many favorite artists now and there are too many to name but living artists include Richard Schmidt, Tibor Nagy, Jeremy Mann, Kim English, and Dan McCaw. Deceased influences include John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, and Joaqin Sorolla.

Art Education

My education includes a rigorous course of independent study reading many books on drawing and painting and taking workshops from respected artists such as Vadim Zanginian, Kim English and Clayton Beck III. While earning a degree in biology with emphasis on
anatomy in the early 1990’s, I also studied art history and ceramics.

All images via HeatherArenas.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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