Featured Artist: Carol Fortunato!

Field at Richville and River by Carol Fortunato 9x12 Oil

Field at Richville and River by Carol Fortunato 9×12 Oil

Carol Fortunato. Her work is outstanding, and I’m only showing you two examples! What a great painting of a field! The distance can be felt without a doubt. What a wonderful place, just look at those trees! This is somewhere I would like to be. It looks nice and quiet!

Red Snapper and Lemons by Carol Fortunato 14x18 Oil

Red Snapper and Lemons by Carol Fortunato 14×18 Oil

This is one of my favorite’s of Carol’s – although, once you start perusing through her paintings it’s difficult not to say that about way more than one! I think the color harmony is nice. The lemons are fresh and that glass pitcher… wow!

Read a bit about Carol, from her website:

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York with a degree in illustration, Carol continued her studies at the Art Students League with teachers David Leffel and Greg kreutz, under whose tutelage she discovered an interest in chiaroscuro painting. Immersing herself in the art of the past, she was moved by the Barbizon painters whose rich atmospheric work led her to continue her studies at the Ridgewood Art Institute under master landscape painter, John Osborne.

     Today, inspired by the simple beauty of the smaller works of Chardin, she strives to create lush still lifes that capture the quiet beauty and rhythms that she sees in the shapes of nature. And while Carol enjoys the solitude of her studio, her favorite time is spent painting landscapes on location where, at the best of times, she can lose herself and feel at one with her subject; when she can winnow down the light, shapes, color harmonies, atmospheric effects, and energy of a subject into its most truthful essence, simply and directly, it is a very good day.

      Ms. Fortunato divides her time between her studio in Montclair, New Jersey and plein air painting in Dorset, Vermont and its surrounding area. In 2013, she spent the summer in England, with her tirelessly supportive husband, painting the Cotswolds and fulfilling a lifelong dream.

     Her work can be found in collections nationally as well as the UK.  Her still lifes with a focus on the edible are appreciated in the culinary arts world where she was invited to have solo shows in the renowned James Beard House and French Culinary Institute. She is represented in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. by Christina Gallery and exclusively in Southern Vermont at the Three Pears Gallery in Dorset. Read more HERE

All images via FortunatoStudio.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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