Featured Artist: Jean-Pierre Jacquet!

I-684 by Jean-Pierre Jacquet

I-684 by Jean-Pierre Jacquet

Jean-Pierre Jacquet. I know I’ve mentioned before… that I love darkness in paintings, especially near an area with light. It makes the painting more dramatic. I love these trees (and their shadows), they have such life, and you only see a small portion of them!

Easel Does It by Jean-Pierre Jacquet

Easel Does It by Jean-Pierre Jacquet

Interior paintings are so fabulous, yet you don’t see many of them. Is there anything better than a painting within a painting (or in this case, several paintings)!? Jean-Pierre is an interesting guy (from what I’ve read), with great paintings, be sure to check out his work!

Read a bit about Jean-Pierre, from his website:

I am a French-American painter. And an occasional film animator (some of my film animation work is viewable at http://www.jeanpierrejacquet.com). For many years, it was the other way around. I devote most of my painting activities to “plein air” painting, or, as the French say, “peinture sur le motif”, i.e on the spot painting.

I like to paint what I see, rather than what I know, and try to uncover the hidden designs in my subject matters, be it straight nature scenes or urban landscapes. I am partial to free and bold brushstrokes which help me keep a certain sketchiness to my paintings.

My influences are eclectic so I will spare you a useless enumeration.

Under the Awards & Distinctions portion of Jean-Pierre’s About the Artist page is this, a sense of humor, I love it!:

I am not dead yet but 2 of my films are part of 2 museums: Flagrant Délit is part of the MoMA in NYC, and Contrapunto is part of the Tanz Museum in Düsseldorf in Germany.

Continue reading HERE

All images via JPJacquet.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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