Featured Artist: Kevin Beers!

Dory in Shadow by Kevin Beers

Dory in Shadows by Kevin Beers

Today’s featured artist is Kevin Beers. Many know Kevin as an artist that primarily paints Monhegan Island, Maine. Gorgeous paintings. Many of them are very large plein air (painted outdoors). Kevin and his wife Amy has recently moved to Maine, and Kevin has painted some wonderful spots around where he lives, so be sure to check out those paintings!

Dory in the Shadows has such an elegance to it, doesn’t it? The simple curves of the dory – the light on the grass – the light on the dormers – beautiful!

If you’re in the Boothbay Harbor area, be sure to check out Kevin’s show!

Here is the show information from Gleason Fine Art:

Gleason Fine Art Gallery  |  JUNE 23 — JULY 26, 2016

KEVIN BEERS: The View from Here

Paintings of Monhegan and the mainland by the popular landscape artist who made the move to become a full-time Mainer last year.

Reception: First Friday, July 1, 5 to 7 pm

For Kevin Beers’s 2016 summer show, his 15th solo show with the gallery, Kevin has not only given the gallery more than a dozen of the elegiac Monhegan Island landscapes and panoramas for which he is famous, but also a half-dozen dazzling paintings of Pemaquid in both full sunlight and at sunset, paintings of Thomaston’s “painted ladies” (fancy Victorian mansions), paintings of Hendricks Head and Kitten Island on Southport, and a pair of his majestic truck portraits.

Read a bit about Kevin, from Gleason Fine Art’s website – what a great bio!:

In the Fall of 2014, Kevin Beers did something he had long dreamed of doing—he packed up his Park Slope, Brooklyn, apartment and moved to Maine to become a full-time resident. Beers and his wife Amy rented the Rockland home of a Monhegan friend and spent the winter of 2014-2015 hunting for their dream house. They found it on a Thomaston side street—an antique white farmhouse with a barn big enough for two studios.

For his 2015 summer show, Beers has given the gallery not only his typical Monhegan Island  panoramas and landscapes but also a half dozen sparkling winter paintings done on site in Rockland as well as several dazzling sunset views of Pemaquid. For Beers’ many fans of his truck and car paintings, this year’s show contains a special treat—“Stars and Stripes,” a majestic rendition of a familiar Rte. 90 sight, an old truck painted with red, white, and blue stars and stripes.

In mid-July, Beers heads out to his beloved Monhegan Island once again, but come fall, instead of facing the 7-hour drive back to Brooklyn, he will step off the ferry, drive less than half an hour, and be home—Maine at last! 

All images via GleasonFineArt.com , used with permission…

Images are not reproduction; they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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