Featured Artist: Mary Aslin!

Cadenza by Mary Aslin 12x9 Pastel

Cadenza by Mary Aslin 12×9 Pastel

Mary Alsin. Pastel. Stunning work. I think the fluidity in Cadenza is beautiful. Soft, movement with beautiful light. Mary has a way with pastels doesn’t she?

Reverie by Mary Aslin 20x26 Pastel

Reverie by Mary Aslin 20×26 Pastel (Sold)

Another beautiful, soft painting. The edges are carefully blended, yet details like the hair and flowers appear more crisp and detailed. Another stunning painting!

Be sure not to miss Mary’s blog, it’s full of wonderful information!

Read a bit about Mary, from her website:

With the recent passing of my father, and the contemplation that comes after a major life event, I asked myself–again–“what is it that really moves me as an artist?”.  There is so much visual imagery available to everyone these days and so many artists from which one can take inspiration. 

Looking back at the work I have done and what I will continue to inspire, three key elements remain as fundamental as a cornerstone of my art:  light, story, beauty

Sometimes, these words when applied to art implies that the work is trite or too sentimental.

Yet, my working methods and inspiration are neither. 

Most of my art is based on working from life and grounded in the fundamentals of classical art.  I draw the live model and study figure anatomy.  I reference art of the Masters, and have visited many of the world’s art museums. 

The natural world–with all of its light and beauty and the stories told–is the stage.  I am the audience.

At my easel, I applaud. Continue reading HERE

All images via MaryAslin.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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