Featured Artist: Randall Kirby Cogburn!

A Sign by Randall Cogburn 6x8" Oil

A Sign by Randall Cogburn  6×8″ Oil

I ran across Randall Kirby Cogburn’s paintings on Facebook. I was flipping through and whoa! His paintings stopped me in my tracks. I had to see more of his paintings. Each one is just beautiful! I urge you to check them out! He has such a nice palette and fabulous style!

Sunlit Break by Randall Cogburn 24x24" Oil [Sold]

Sunlit Break by Randall Cogburn 24×24″ Oil [Sold]

To me, Sunlit Break is perfection. I love everything about this painting, the soft colors, the multitude of blues and greens in the water, the soft yellow sky, the horizon, the sunlight water in the foreground, the crashing waves. Beautiful… and sold!

Read a bit about Randall, from his website:

“My name is Randall Kirby Cogburn. I’m an oil painter who paints oil paintings. My paintings are inspired by mostly seascape and related subject matter. I started as a frequent sketcher going on site and sketching for about two years. I then started learning on my own how to paint and believe me it took a lot of work. Five years down the road and here I am. Since then I’ve created a ton of paintings many sold nationally and some internationally. Some of my work is also in public venues as well as Galleries. I learn from all types of painters from realist to abstract, impressionist to classical and use what I see along with my on site work to combine and make fantastic, interesting to look at, paintings. Enjoy!”

All images via RandallCogburn.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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