Thanksgiving Day Prep – The Organized Way…

My hope is that this may help some of you who will be making a big Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I created a template, and just change it up as necessary. We usually eat around 1PM, so I work back from that time. I am a well-oiled machine, but do not talk to me as I will get distracted and then what? 😳 Ha ha… In case you need a plan, you can change the times and it gives you something to go by. Note that the turkey roasts much faster when set to Convection (if you have it). I love it! I’ve added a link (🔗) to a few recipes provided… This may be a bit weird, but it’s how my brain functions best, ha ha… Happy prep day!

Thanksgiving Dinner 2016 – 1:00PM

Day Before

🔗Bean SaladMix up bean salad and refrigerate.

Pie Crust: Make pie crust, freeze one, Saran Wrap and fridge other

Dressing: cut up celery/onion cook with sausage

Day Of…

Turkey (6# bone in breast)

Set turkey on counter by 7:45AM, olive oil, S&P, onion in cavity.

Preheat oven to 350 (turn on at 8:15AM) – put turkey in oven at 8:30 AM on PURE CONVECTION. Should be done by 11AM. Let rest 15 minutes. Carve. (Pour fat in fat separator, wait 3 minutes then pour off fat, reserve a wee bit). (Convection may speed this turkey breast up, but then I can move everything up if needed).


Oven back on 350 at 11:50AM. At 11:30 cook celery, onion, water or broth, sausage, add to bread mixture and sage. Put in BUTTERED 3qt casserole dish and cover with foil.

Put in oven at 12:00 (noon), back 45 minutes (25 covered, 20 uncovered) – should come out of oven by 12:45.

Mashed Potatoes

Peel potatoes at 12:00 (noon), put in cold water. Have water boiling.

At 12:30, drop the potatoes in the water.  When done, mash, cover.

Bean Salad:  Remove from fridge at 12:30

🔗Cranberry Sauce:  Remove from fridge at 12:45


Start gravy at 12:50. Pour into warmed container (or pot with lid).

🔗Chocolate pie with homemade crust

Get coffee ready to turn on after dinner

Turn on coffee, slice pie.

Thanksgiving Prep 2017

Enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow and don’t worry if something doesn’t turn out. Thanksgiving is a day to be with friends and family, so don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all good!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day Prep – The Organized Way…

    1. Good catch, ha ha… It’s on the second page check off sheet, which I go by faithfully, and use the first page as an overview…

      Meringue… well… changed courses last minute. Going to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and Chocolate Pie for Christmas, when I have less recipes to prepare (ham, scalloped potatoes, roasted brussels)… at least that’s the plan for now!



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