My Grandma’s Chocolate Pie Recipe!

My Grandma's Chocolate Pie Recipe

I was so fortunate growing up. I had one grandma that made wonderful cakes and another that made pies that were so outstanding. I’m not a big cake fan. Pie on the other hand, whew… Delightful! I haven’t made my grandma’s pie in years (making = eating). But we gave in for New Year’s (or around that time).

This pie is still made by my parents, sister, aunts, cousins, etc. Funny how a recipe from long ago can become such a tradition. A very welcome tradition!

Simply bake the crust, cook the filling, poor it into the baked shell, make meringue, top the filling with the meringue and pop it in the oven for a bit until the peaks are golden. What you are left with is absolute perfection!

Oh! This is a deep, dark chocolate that is so satisfying, especially with a cup of coffee.

My Grandma's Chocolate Pie Recipe

Look at that dark chocolate!!! It makes my heart sing!! 🎶

Click HERE to print the recipe below! This will quickly become a favorite!

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 1.47.05 PM

Catch you back here tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “My Grandma’s Chocolate Pie Recipe!

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  2. Sue Coleman

    Amy & I lose this recipe every year! Thanks for sharing it again. Now I need her Butterscotch pie recipe. (Dark Brown Sugar and similar to this recipe is all I remember.

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