Tips for Making a Fabulous Tuna Melt!


Sometimes it’s nice to have a quick and uncomplicated meal – this is great for lunch or for dinner! A tuna melt has flavors that meld together and create the ultimate eating experience!

Of course anyone can make a tuna melt, but sometimes you’ll read one tip that will change your life (OK, that may be a bit dramatic). I rarely make it the same way twice, add what you like!

Tuna Melt Tips

“Use good bread” as Ina Garten would say. The better your ingredients, the better your result. I don’t think a tuna melt comes out quite right with grocery store bread. It’s too soft. Find a good rustic bread (Semolina, Sourdough, Farm bread, etc.). Toast it lightly.

Make your tuna salad. I use a can of tuna, drained (for two of us), diced celery or red onion, or both, and a plop of Hellman’s Canola Mayo. I add a few shakes of dill, and pepper.

Here’s where you can get creative.

We have had an amazing tuna melt at Dean & Deluca, and they spread the bread with Dijon mustard before they add the tuna. Sometimes I use it and sometimes I don’t.

Cheese – oh yeah, can’t have a MELT if there is nothing to melt! I’ve used sharp cheddar and pepper jack. Love them both, depends on my mood.

Sliced tomato, if they’re in season, GO FOR IT! I put the tomato on top of the tuna and then top with cheese.

Turn your broiler on (I have a high/low setting, I use HIGH). Place the tuna melt on a cookie sheet to put under the broiler, be careful if you use the top rack, it can be too close, I have used it, but prefer the second rack from the top.

👁KEEP AN EYE ON IT. It can go from almost done to burnt to a crisp in no time, it’s easy to get distracted… Don’t do it!

Owie! ENJOY, and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

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