Featured Artist: Scott Addis!


Nanna’s by Scott Addis  16×20″  Oil

This painting caught my eye right away. Not only the fabulous colors but the lines of this house. I think Scott painted this from an interesting perspective – it’s fabulous!


3 Kings by Scott Addis  30×60″  Oil [GalerieBeauchamp.com]

Fabulous trees!! Stunning sky!! Scott can paint these trees against a jaw dropping sky, can’t he? I just enjoy his paintings so much, be sure to check out his Facebook page!

Read a bit about Scott, from GalerieBeauchamp.com website:

Born in a small rural community just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1963. He now resides in Montreal, Quebec.

Scott Addis studied at the University of Cincinnati as well as with Igor Babailov and other well-known art teachers. Being a landscape artist, Addis is now inspired by what surrounds him, Quebec and Ontario landscapes.

About his paintings, Addis says: ” I paint landscapes because it is said, and I strongly believe it, that when you look at a portrait you observe the person, the subject. However, when you look at a landscape, you can plunge into it.  One can easily imagine oneself being there ” .

All images via Scott Addis Facebook page, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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