Happy Winter!!

Me, Santa & Bridget

Wow! Time flies! It’s already the first day of Winter which means that today is the shortest day of the year – it also means from tomorrow until Summer the days will be getting LONGER! That’s good news for many of you. For me, I’m perfectly happy with short days, cloudy skies and rain.

Hmmm, an odd duck perhaps? Ha.

I remember this photo with Santa – my sister, Bridget, and I had matching outfits – but because it was so cold outside (Michigan) we had to wear leggings (not the stylish leggings of today, these were thick and shapeless – which took away from “the look”, ha ha… Now that I’m looking at this image, I’m thinking I have ski pants on – they don’t look like “leggings”, but I know that’s what we called them.

I love how Bridget’s hands are clasped together in unending joy – A happy day going to meet Santa and pass along the wish list (from the Sears Wish Book catalog no doubt)! Good times!

Speaking of the Sears Wish Book, I couldn’t find one for 1967, but here’s the catalog from 1968 – what a blast to look at!

Why do we have to grow up? Ha ha…

Happy first day of Winter to you!

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