Petunia Rock Garden – The good old days!


I need to plant some petunias here in Charleston. Petunias hold a place near and dear to my heart – One of my grandma’s used to have a rock garden in her backyard – we got to help plant it each Spring, and it was always so much fun (maybe because ice cream or M&M’s were always a part of it?) 

Grandma had a swimming pool (in Michigan) – and that was always a source of a great time (Watch me! Watch me!)  This rock garden wasn’t too far from it – as a kid I always thought the backyard was big, but seeing it as an adult it was closer to the size of a postage stamp. Funny how our perception changes.

The rock garden was raised a bit and surrounded with big, cool rocks – dirt added and then we planted petunias. Actually I think she bought them and let us have at it. I don’t remember her being too particular about how we did it.

I have fond memories of my other grandma as well. I think of her when I smell Dove soap, eat orange marmalade, or make one of her award winning pies!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

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