Featured Artist: Erik Koeppel!

Light on Monhegan by Erik Koeppel 10×16 Oil | via Rehs.com

Erik Koeppel. His paintings are so well executed, they are reminiscent of paintings from long ago. Erik captures the landscape and even the atmosphere! This Monhegan painting is a beauty. If you aren’t familiar this painting is Monhegan Island in the foreground and Manana Island in the distance.  In the fall the sun sets behind Manana, and you get this fabulous lit up sky that will just make your jaw drop. 

I feel as if I’m standing in the very spot where he painted it.Which has me thinking that our next trip to Monhegan we need to hike up near the light house so we can  see water on the other side of Manana (and hence the sunset)! Usually we are at dinner and I rudely excuse myself to run to the porch of the Island Inn to snap a few (ha) photos. It changes every second so it’s incredibly hard to stop!

Erik also hast a few painting videos available as well as a few catalogs

See more of Erik’s work via these links:
Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Blog/Workshops/Events

Read a bit about Erik, from his website:

Erik Koeppel (b.1980) is a traditional New England based landscape painter who has become a leader in the revival of the techniques and philosophy of the Hudson River School. Koeppel studied extensively in museums, and in nature to arrive at the determination that the powerful methods of the masters, are in fact an urgently needed voice in contemporary culture. In mastering these techniques, this assertion has been proven by the extensive success his work has found nationwide, in the form of awards, publications, academic recognition, exhibitions, and collectability. His highly naturalistic paintings are created without the use of photography.

Click HERE to read more about Erik! Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via ErikKoeppel.com, and Rehs Gallery – used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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