Artist Submission: Petrea Noyes!

Maelstrom with Harpies by Petrea Noyes – Mixed Media 40 x 40″

Petrea Noyes. Her paintings are bold and full of life. They are also unique in that many of them are drawn using a digital tablet, then printed on a massive printer onto special canvas with special pigment-based ink (which will last longer than many of us) and while it’s still wet she uses other techniques to make it the end result (acrylics, paint bars, etc.). Read about her process! She’s a very cool woman judging by our emails back and forth. 

See more of Petrea’s work via the following link:


Read a bit about Petrea, from her website:

My work is not the product of computer-generated art- quite the opposite.  My creative process is exactly the same as it was over fifty years ago, but my tools and equipment have changed.

Working with a digital drawing tablet is magical- I use an Intous tablet to clone (copy sections from one source to another), paint and draw (with pixels rather than with vectors), and build my pieces much as I would build a conventional painting.  My software consists of Picture Window X, Adobe Essentials, driver software for my Epson 44-inch pigment inkjet printer, Intous tablet and software and Painter X software.

 I draw on the tablet while watching the piece evolve on my computer screen- something like patting your stomach while rubbing your head, it does take some practice.

 I never start with a blank or white ‘canvas’ but use something with colors or forms that I find appealing as a basis to begin a new piece.  I clone repeatedly to build unexpected shapes and combinations and try not to  control the direction of the work by thinking of the traditional rules or concerns of composition, but I let the piece lead me rather than me forcing it.  Dramatic color changes are instantaneous and highly controllable.  I often use cropping and re-combinations of parts of a piece on which I am working.

When I finish an image I find compelling, I print the piece with a 44 inch Epson archival pigment inkjet printer on specially coated high quality canvas with a 50%  heavier ink flow to get a good strong color base.  While the print is still wet, I draw on it by dripping acrylic paint from a sharp stick onto the surface.  After the piece dries I use Posca acrylic paint pens,  solid oil paint bars and stencils to enhance areas of the painting.

And because we all like to know a little something about the artist:

I have been making art since I was a child.  My grandfather was an artist/teacher so I was encouraged early on to draw and paint.  I had the benefit of access to paints, canvas, brushes and occasionally some guidance from my grandfather.  As I grew up he often would take some of my work to the juried shows in Connecticut to which he submitted his paintings and quite often my work was accepted.  I attended Silvermine College of Art in New Canaan CT in a 2-year Associate Fine Arts degree program, but finished my education with a Bachelor’s degree in English/Journalism with an Art minor.  For many years I focused on portraits and had a number of commissions for children and their pets.
I am now absorbed by the magic of creating abstracts which tend to be colorful and very spontaneous.

I love Petrea’s story. How wonderful that her grandfather encouraged her to draw and paint. Be sure to do that for people you know who draw, paint, etc. Encourage them – you never know the influence you can have in their lives!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via, used with permission…
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