Featured Artist: Dennis Doyle!

November Esker by Dennis Doyle 14″ x 18″ Oil

Dennis Doyle. I love how loose his paintings are – clearly done in the moment and they capture the feeling of what he’s painting so beautifully. Love the clouds and the overall feel in this one: the dark tree line, the dramatic clouds coupled with the brilliant sky and the light in the mid horizon. So many wonderful paintings and such a cool story. Dennis is not afraid of hard work, that’s for sure!

See more of Dennis’s work via these links:

Website  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Dennis, from his website:

Dennis, a life-long resident of Weymouth, MA, was educated in public schools and at Massachusetts College of Art.  He is a licensed merchant mariner working on tugboats, where he plies his trade upon creeks and rivers, bays and harbors, inland waterways and coastal routes, from Maine to Louisiana.  Recent sea assignments have included dredging off of the Jersey Shore, Long Island NY, Outer Banks NC, Tybee Island Savana GA, Norfolk VA, and the Delaware River.

“I developed an early affinity for drawing that grew into a lifelong love for painting.  My Mass Art tuition was paid with wages earned on the local clam-flats (Weymouth, Hingham & Hull), and from lobster and gill-net fishing on Stellwagen Bank in Massachusetts Bay.  I’ve never had a traditional job and don’t expect I ever will – I’m a water-man by trade, with a passion for paint.  I have a small studio but I’m hardly ever there except to drop off or fetch some paintings.  I prefer to work outside in the elements and before what matters.  On the boat my paint bag is a stowaway, I’m prepared to chase the light and answer inspiration’s call with a quick painting, anywhere anytime, up and down this entire coast.  I’m fortunate.  Art is interpretation and presentation of this life, and plein air painting is its body and sole.”

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via ddoylepaints.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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