Featured Artist: Dennis Doyle!

November Esker by Dennis Doyle 14″ x 18″ Oil

Dennis Doyle. I love how loose his paintings are – clearly done in the moment and they capture the feeling of what he’s painting so beautifully. Love the clouds and the overall feel in this one: the dark tree line, the dramatic clouds coupled with the brilliant sky and the light in the mid horizon. So many wonderful paintings and such a cool story. Dennis is not afraid of hard work, that’s for sure! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Dennis Doyle!”

Marston House – A Knack for Classy…

Marston House – Wiscasset, ME

Some people have a knack for making things special. Very special. Fred and I visited the coolest B&B several years ago in Wiscasset, Maine – The Marston House. While the owners have moved to a different location – it looks like they’ve made things very special in Vinalhaven (as well as several French rentals that are to die for!) Continue reading “Marston House – A Knack for Classy…”

The BEST and Most Beautiful Christmas Cookies Ever!

These cookies have been a holiday tradition as long as I can remember. We had such fun making these. My mom and dad did all the hard work, we got to decorate – we had to decorate each one individually. Take your time, make it nice, don’t do it quickly (or heap a pile of frosting on top just so you can eat it, hee). Same with the tinsel, remember tinsel? One strand at a time! I think tinsel started out fun and then tested my patience, ha ha…

Click HERE to print the recipe as shown above!

From what I remember we had a reindeer, a Santa, a snowman and a Christmas tree cookie cutters. If you don’t have a cookie cutter use a glass and decorate them like ornaments! Right now I only have a Christmas tree cookie cutter, it’s my favorite and I haven’t seen another that I like as much (that won’t burn edges, etc) There are so many ways to decorate them! You can limit your colors, like I did, or have a plethora of colors and make them REALLY different!

Let the artistic side in you come out, make that wonderful “Grinch”  green, mix your yellow/blue food coloring to achieve the different colors!

This recipe makes quite a few, but they are so good they are in danger of becoming extinct rather quickly!

Merry Christmas!  🎄 Catch you back here tomorrow!