End of August and help #findsamsayers!

Anniversary Roses 🙂

Can you believe it is THE END OF AUGUST?! This month has flown by. For us it was a month filled with birthdays, anniversaries, sweltering days and time spent cooling off in the pool. How do you feel about fall arriving (fairly) soon (but not soon enough for me)? I believe I’m in the minority loving the cooler weather – I have lived in Charleston for 29 years and have tried to get used to the humidity. It’s not happening… still waiting for that to kick in!

On another note… those of you who see my Facebook/Twitter may wonder why I have been sharing so many posts about a young hiker, Samantha Sayers, that went for a day hike at Vesper Peak, WA – That was AUGUST 1. I went to high school with Sam’s mom and I just know that if I had a daughter and she was lost on a mountain – I could not give up the search, and neither can Lisa (Sam’s mom). Samantha has disappeared. This is AUGUST 31… Snohomish County Sheriff’s Dept and their Search and Rescue (SAR) teams searched for her (largest search in their history), but have not found Sam. I am asking for prayers (well wishes) for her to stay strong, she is still out there. There is one SAR dog on the mountain today – they need many, many more, but we are all praying that this is the one to find Samantha. Experts say, that if you have to be on a mountain, this is the best time of year to be out there. There is plenty of water, berries and mushrooms. So there is food and water.

There is a FB Group (please join and follow what’s going on) #findsamsayers – there is also a website, www.findsamsayers.com – there is a FB group for ACTIVE and EXPERIENCED volunteers who can help search (this mountain is a beast, and not for anyone who is not experienced).

You wonder, HOW CAN I HELP?  S h a r e  t h i s   p o s t , or share the links in this post. Join their FB group (orange links above), it started with a few and has grown to almost 29,000 people who are actively praying, searching drone footage (YOU CAN HELP DO THIS TOO!). They have set up a command center in WA – this is no small operation. We all want the same outcome, to #findsamsayers!

Happy August, catch you back here next month! 😉


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