Featured Artist: Johanne Mangi!

Sam the Wonder Dog by Johanne Mangi 20×16″ Oil

Johanne Mangi. First of all, she’s a wonderful artist who can paint anything… I just got stuck in the dog portraits and found it difficult to move on. When I ran across Sam the Wonder Dog I knew this was the painting I wanted to feature – it reminds me of our Jack Russell, Charlie. This painting is stunning. It’s also not for sale, but… there are plenty that are, AND Johanne does paint commissions. She can capture their spirit, can’t she?

“Sam” is the painting that Johanne used for her DVD: The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits – I can only imagine how fabulous this would be! Check out the orange link! She gives many tips on how to make your paintings come alive, little things that make a big difference!

If you’re an artist, be sure to check out the Workshops tab below…

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Johanne has an excellent website – I loved reading about her – I think you will to… from her website:

I paint a variety of subjects but clearly my passion is of the canine variety. I look to my own furry herd of 6 for inspiration and life drawing.

I selectively exhibit as I am very active with my commission work of canine and wildlife portraits. The majority of my clients have been, interestingly enough, fellow artists. I have been very fortunate in receiving International Awards for my portrait work and have been invited to exhibit at the National Arts Club and Portraits, Inc. in NYC as well as other high profile venues. My work is collected not only here in the States but Internationally.

I give workshops with the unique feature of having live animals present. I believe that this is an extremely important element for keeping the paintings fresh and alive. In order to capture this process I have partnered with the Publisher of the magazines, Fine Art Connoisseur and Plein Air Magazines, to produce a DVD featuring canines. It was released earlier this year and has become a bestseller!

Not long ago I was invited by Nancy Guzik and Richard Schmid to be part of the prestigious Putney Painters in VT. This group has provided a basis of excellence and raised the bar for me the past 10 years. I have been honored to watch and paint with Mr. Schmid as well as his intimate group of fabulous painters the past several years. I also have my own group, The Third Floor Painters, which, oddly enough, meet in The Third Floor Studio! This group was formed to create an environment where like minded artists could share their expertise and camaraderie while working  from live models.

In the early years of my art career I was an active participant in New Haven’s Brush & Palette Group. Formed in 1902, this group has an illustrious history right from its founding. It was here that I was first involved in exhibiting and selling  my portraits.

Alongside these influential groups my art education has been self directed. I have worked and studied with Kathy Anderson, Scott Burdick, Michelle Dunaway, Daniel J. Keys, Christine Lafuente, and Colley Whisson of Australia. In addition, the Third Floor Studio has been graced with sessions by Sue Lyon, Charlie Hunter, Stanley Bielen, David Shevlino and soon, Clayton Beck III. I have studied extensively with Sherrie McGraw (drawing and painting) and consider her a valued mentor. She is an exceptional teacher and words cannot express my gratitude.  And last, but not least, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention David Leffel’s unfailing support and discerning eye.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via JohanneMangi.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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