Fall in Charleston… ahhhh!

Fall in Charleston, SC is my favorite. It means we’ve made it through another hot summer – AND another hurricane season. The sky is fabulous, the clouds are so cool and the light is different. Dramatic. I snapped this on a morning walk.

What is your favorite season? Winter is fine here in the South. Spring is beautiful with everything blooming, at least the beginning of Spring and then one day *POOF* the flip has been switched and the humidity is high for the next six months.  Heat and humidity provide a challenge for me.  I grew up in the Mid West – I may sound like I’m from Michigan (which I can now detect in others, and it’s too cool), but I’ve actually lived in Charleston longer… hard to believe! After 29 years people still ask me where I’m from, ha ha. I hope I never lose that “accent”!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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