The beginning of year 9! Your advice!


Do you know an artist, architect/designer that should be featured on this website? Share this post with them!

Looking back on 2018, it’s been a good year. Finishing up year number EIGHT of daily posts. Albeit, not written daily, but posted daily. I try to work several days a week writing and schedule my posts to publish. The writing is the easy part. Taking and finding the photos to use, contacting artists, architects, designers, recipes to make and photograph (or make and eat and forget to photograph only to make again) is what takes a bulk of the time.

Thank each and every one of you who take time out of your day to read my posts.

The overwhelming majority of artists and architects/designers that I contact are over the top fabulous people. Many of whom I keep in contact with periodically throughout the year. I look forward to finding more artists and architects/designers to share with you!

Art is important to me and a big part of my life. I have art all around me and it brings so much joy. I want others to feel that same joy! While art is relative (what’s fabulous to me may make you roll your eyes), I’m pretty sure I have a very good eye. Excellent in fact (hehe). I look forward to finding not only the most talented artists, but a combination of a really good person AND an extremely talented artist.

House plans are something else my husband and I have enjoyed looking at/collecting over the years – I stay in contact with many of the architects or designers that I feature, like friends that I haven’t met in person… yet! But one day! I admire them all, they are dedicated professionals that are making this world more beautiful one house plan at a time!

If you know someone who you think should be featured on this website, please SHARE this post or website with them. Have them contact me (I have to hear it straight from them for approval) via the pages at the top (see image above) of my website.

🖼ARTISTS: I have ARTISTS broken into two categories. Emerging Artists (up and coming) and Artists. If you’re an artist/architect/designer send me a short blip and your email address, and if your work fits the criteria for the art I feel passionate about, then I will contact you to let you know you will be featured. Be patient, I cannot respond immediately!

🏠Architects/Designers: If you have house plans on your website that you would like featured – just let me know – If your designs are in sync with styles that I love then I am happy to feature you! I need to hear from the artist, architect or designer directly, so please share this post with them! House plans are very popular on this blog.

How to share this post:

Go towards the bottom of my post where you see “It’s nice to share” – then click those buttons, the first one (looks like an envelope) is to share it via EMAIL, the second is to share via Facebook, the red P is Pinterest, the blue circle with a bird is Twitter and if you need more choices you can click where it says MORE for additional options. Have problems finding a way to share? Click CONTACT ME at the top of this post and I will respond as soon as I can.

Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy NEW YEAR!  Catch you back here tomorrow!

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