Game Day Recipe Favorite! Tortilla Cheddar Rollups!

Let me start by saying… when you make this appetizer, be sure to have the recipe handy to pass along to others. It’s a favorite of so many! I asked a co-worker to share this with me probably twenty years ago. This a great appetizer to make for “game day” – the big Super Bowl game is coming soon and if you want something fabulous and something you can prepare the night before – look no further! Now… on to the recipe!

I usually make HALF of this recipe because it MAKES A LOT! I mention in the tips that last time I made this I used the food processor and pulverized it, oops. It worked well as a spread and even as a dip for veggies but was a little weird in the rollups, it might be pretty to chop a little something green (parsley, etc.) and sprinkle lightly over the cut pieces! Click HERE to print the recipe above!

My apologies for this photo… 🙄  Catch you back here tomorrow!

Recipe Via



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