Featured Artist: Michele Mozzone!

Opus by Michele Mozzone 14×24″ Pastel

Michele Poirier-Mozzone. Her paintings are so unique. I love her Fractured Light series. The perspectives are so cool and different. There is an abstract quality from the way the sunlight hits the water, the bubbles, the way the light distorts an image. The result is SO amazing!

I love the blue in this painting, it’s so refreshing and soothing! Fabulous!


My Fractured Light series depicts the figure as it is distorted and bathed in turbulent water and sunlight. The inspiration came about one late afternoon at the pool with my daughter. I was struck not only by the beauty of the ribbons of sunlight hitting her through the water, but also the way in which the water distorted form, altered skin tone and was endlessly changing.  It was one of those moments of realization that she was growing and changing more quickly than I often notice. For me, this series represents the passing of time – life’s journey through youth into maturity and beyond.  Water is the vehicle for transformation, cleansing, renewal and change. Thoughts, aspirations and energy emanate as bubbles and find their way to the outside world. Each figure is captured reacting to a moment in this altered, weightless state.

See more of Michele’s work via these links:

Website  |  Instagram  |  Blog


Simply put, I paint because it makes me happy. I paint because of those days when I am in a zone where time, worries and the outside world melt away. I paint for those paintings that I step away from with excitement and joy; those paintings that seem to paint themselves. They are elusive but they keep me coming back for more. It is what I have done all my life – it feeds my soul.

Read a bit more about Michele by clicking on the BIO link above.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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