The Live Oak We Planted…

Looking Up | Backyard Live Oak Tree

Years ago, shortly after we moved into our house we planted a small live oak tree in the backyard. We planted it, fed it Miracle Grow (at the advice of the nursery where we purchased it) and it thrived. It more than thrived. It’s like Jack and the Beanstalk! The tree was supposedly ten years old when we planted it. That was about twenty years ago. Look at it now!

We recently had a tree company come in to clean up the dead limbs and give it some air, which we hope will help in case we have another hurricane head this way. When the company came out to look at the tree they used a laser pointer to point to the branches they think should be eliminated and why. The outcome is fabulous.

Time flies. A small tree we planted now a huge tree. Do you realize it’s the last day in March? Tomorrow is April. Good grief! 2020 will be here by the time we blink. Enjoy each and every day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!




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