Featured Artist: Paul Norwood!

The Shallows by Paul Norwood 48×48″ Oil

Paul Norwood. What fabulous paintings! I love the abstract quality, the color palette, the strokes. There is fabulous energy in this painting. Paul has been in the art world for some time now – which is apparent when you scroll through his paintings. His technique has been perfected – read his bio – I love that he makes such an effort to not overthink a painting – it shows!

Looking at this painting I  can feel my shoulders drop a bit instead of being up around my ears, ha ha. It’s very soothing, with the calming blues. Stunning!

Paul is in a show at the Sozo Gallery in Charlotte, NC, so if you’re in the area, pop in and check out his work in real life. The show will be hanging until July 11, 2019!

See more of Paul’s work via these links:

Website  |  Art Event  |  Instagram


Paul Norwood, who grew up on the coast of Maine, decided early on that he’d rather paint the sea than fish from it.
He went on to study fine art and graduate from Syracuse University with a BFA.
After a long career as an art director and creative director, he now devotes all his time to painting. In the past fifteen years, he has developed a national client base and exhibited his work from Boston to San Francisco and many places in between. He paints at his studio on Martha’s Vineyard and at his studio in Mill Valley, California.


I’m constantly striving to spend less time with each painting.
To represent form with fewer brush strokes and a simpler palette.
To rely on the minds eye to do the work for me.
I work from sketches, photographs and scrap.
After creating a rough composition, I execute the painting quickly,
avoiding overworking and overthinking.
I draw my inspiration from many different sources.
The Bay Area figurative artists, the colorist approach
of Fairfield Porter and the abstraction of Nicolas de Stael.

In my most recent body of work, I’ve returned to my roots
on the Maine coast. The water has always been a central
theme in my life. I never tire of the endless combinations of color
and form. Its meditative effects always juxtaposed with its
underlying ferocity. While the repetition of horizontal bands
and geometric shapes abstract the scene and calm the mind — the aggressive handling of brush and paint mimic the fluidity
and raw energy of the subject matter.

Click the BIO link above to read more about Paul – Catch you back here tomorrow!


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