Featured Artist: Jessie Rasche

Conversation by Jessie Rasche 24×30″ Acrylic (Held)

Jessie Rasche. I am excited to run across her work. Conversation is a brilliant (and currently on hold) painting. This painting grabbed my attention immediately. I love the colors of the water, the shadows – the white bits of light. Fabulous!

I LOVE how the view is from their perspective, almost as if you’re bobbing in the water beside them. The roll of the waves is perfect, as is the abstractness of the background. So well done!

Since Conversation is on hold (for now anyway – if interested, please contact Jessie, there is always a chance!) – I thought I would post a similar painting (but check out Jessie’s paintings, she has many subjects that she paints and all are wonderful!)

Family Time by Jessie Rasche 40×40″ Acrylic

Family Time (great title!) is a sweet painting. Serene, with the beautiful blue of the water, the subtle variation of color in the water make it feel as if they are bobbing. I love their elegant necks… The little ones are happily following their family. Such a sweet painting.

Since Father’s Day just passed, I thought this painting was apropos for the occasion!

See more of Jessie’s work via these links:

Website  | Instagram  |  Blog  |  Events | Workshops


In art school I loved drawing and print making. Line quality was (and still remains) a major focus and interest. I drew and painted for fun  for the next 18 years.

In 2007 I began my journey to becoming a full time professional artist. At first I painted small still life paintings of small objects with emotional importance, as well as portraits of moms and babies.  Over the next several years my paintings we’re collected by people in 30 states.

Now my work has become much larger. I paint the people, land, and animals of the Midwest. I am fascinated with the invisible, but very tangible connection between people who care for each other, between animals, and between us and the land.

Click on the BIO link to read more about Jessie – Catch you back here tomorrow!


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