#5 Bathroom Reno: The Devil Is In the Details…

I like when people leave notes so that it’s clear! No room for misinterpretation!

To me, every bit of building is so important. If you don’t have a solid foundation and proper use of materials in the beginning (even though you don’t see them) that can lead to problems in the future (i.e. water, or tile that cracks, etc.)

While waiting on a rough in inspection, the AC guy gave us options for installing the exhaust fan. ‼️Keep in mind, if you don’t like something, speak up… after we relayed the options that the AC guy gave us for venting to our contractor, those ideas were nixed and a proper plan created (venting to the outside).

Bathroom Reno: Beginning of a Shower

The tile guy stopped by to take a look at the job pre-work on the shower had been done. I guess they put a liner and fill it with water for the inspector? I showed him the tile for the floor, and walls, he asked these questions:

  1. Do you want a shower niche? (Yes!) If so, how many? (1)
  2. Single or double niche? (Single)
  3. What size niche? (12×12″)
  4. Contrasting tile or using the subway? (Subway and use a single marble 6×12″ tile on shelf bottom.)
  5. What material do you want to use on the curb into the shower? (Subway, initially, then after speaking with Peter, we decided on using 6×12″ marble tile for less grout lines and a more seamless look with the marble hexagon tiles.)
  6. What grout color? Rolling Fog (a lighter grey)

It’s good to know some of the questions that will be asked. Sometimes it’s hard to think off the top of your head. Luckily we had been thinking about little else, and whenever there was a question we couldn’t answer, we called our contractor and asked what he would do. THAT is why it’s so important to choose someone who’s style is what YOU like…

Catch you back here tomorrow – ⚒ Did the inspection pass?

📺Stay tuned…


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